Completely Overhaul Your golf Game

The smallest adjustment can have a big impact on your play.

When I watch inexperienced golfers players hit the golf ball I find that they are usually badly aligned with their target. This means that they have to have a flaw in their swing to hit the ball on target. If you need a flaw in your swing to hit a perfect shot, how do you expect to improve? This is why proper alignment is so important in the golf swing.

How you finish often reveals what’s happening during your swing. I often key in on a player’s finish in my golf lessons to determine exactly how to help them to improve their game. You can do the same for yourself, if you know what to look for.

Your swing is a whole body phenomenon involving your feet, your legs, your hips, your trunk, your arms, your shoulders, in fact your whole body. You need good flexibility, stability, strength, and rotation in the hip, knees and torso to make perfect contact between the club and the ball. Proper posture is the framework that brings it all together and it's crucial to executing a killer swing.

Long Game

Long Game

Short Game

Short Game

Golf Practise

Golf Practise

Course Management & Etiquette

Course Management & Etiquette

The Professional Golf Coaching Program

Brought to you by the head coach at one of South Africa's most prestigious golf courses

Brought to you by the head coach at one of South Africa's most prestigious golf courses

Golf Masters Secrets is one of the few products that works for all types of golfers because it focuses on developing a flawless technique.

If you are a novice golfer then the program will help you to:

Learn the fundamentals correctly from the start to prevent any bad habits developing
Fix your mistakes so you won’t embarrass yourself on the course
Make consistent, solid strokes with precision and the correct distance
How to behave and play professionally on a golf course

If you are a more experienced golfer then you will learn:

How to establish a more powerful and repeatable swing
How to play from the rough, from tricky lies, and real life situations
How to play a solid game with your short irons

These DVDs will work no matter your age, athletic ability, strength, or flexibility.

The Professional Golf Coaching Program

Long Game

Setting Up

Distance from the ball, position in your stance, correct posture, pivoting during your swing

The Grip

Correct club grip, the grip routine, the interlock grip

The Swing 

The hip turn, wrist action, weight transfer, leg movement, resistance, the backswing

The Release

Club angle, releasing tension, spine movement, pivot points

Weight Transfer

Correct pivoting and turning

Positioning Your Clubs

Iron & driver stances, weight distribution

Teeing & Handling The Driver

Posture, timing, strike position

Long Game

Short Game


Eye line and ball position, gripping the putter, direction, posture movement, distance and control

Long Putt

Chip & Run

Stroke, posture, club selection

High Chip & Run

Long Chip & Run

Posture, swing, club selection

Chipping Practice Drills

Bunker Shots

Posture, swing, strike position, grip

Up Slop Bunker Shots

Angle, travel distance

Plug Lays, Lob Shots, Slope Lays, Down Slope Lays, Hard Pan Lays & Up Slope Lays

Short Game

Golf Practise

Getting flow into a swing using stretches and practise drills

Measuring Club Length & Warm Up

Leg Resistance

Building strength, ball drills, advanced drills, good and bad leg action

Arm Action

Ball between wrist drill

Hip Movement

Shadow drill, 

Lateral Movement 

Umbrella drill

Training Clubs

Grip aids, kick sticks

Golf Practise

Course Management & Etiquette

Teeing Off

Tee boxes, tee away from trouble

Chipping For The Green

Putting Etiquette

Flags, marking balls, penalties

Drawing & Fading

Hitting straight and manoeuvring the ball, hitting draws and fades (curving shots) 

Managing Slopes

Playing off slopes (up slopes and down slopes) and bad lays

Managing The Rough

Course Management & Etiquette

Transform Your Golf Game (4 DVD Set)

Just two hours with a top professional coach can produce huge benefits. If you’re slicing, shanking, hooking or playing erratically then all of these problems in your swing can be fixed. 

You can dramatically improve Your Short Game. About 50-75% of your shots are going to be pitching, chipping, and putting. The big shots look good, but if you really want to improve, you are going to have to do a lot of practice on your short game. 

These DVDs will teach you how to fix the problems and develop a flawless technique so you have much better control for the long game and the short game.